Meet 104-Year-Old Running Prodigy And The World’s Oldest Marathon Runner, Fauja Singh

Age is just a number. No one can prove this quote better than Fauja Singh. At an age of 89 years, when most of us are dead (which is anyways much higher than the average age of a person), Mr. Fauja Singh ran his first marathon. Unbelievable.. Right?? Wait for some more time. And since then, this man hasn’t stopped. Marathon after Marathon. Mr. Singh now proudly stands to have ran more than 8 marathons. And Fauja Singh has actually said, “he will continue running until he dies and he will continue running even after he’s dead.”

This is quite an irony for a 104-year-old running prodigy like Fauja Singh that he couldn’t walk until he was 5 years old due to weak and thin legs. He loved running as a child, but he gave it up at the time of the 1947 India-Pakistan Partition. It was only after his wife’s and elder son’s death, he returned to his passion as a way to come out of depression.

You’ll be amazed to know that he achieved 8 records in his age group in a single day: 100 meters – 23.14 seconds, 200 meters – 52.23 seconds, 400 meters – 2:13 minutes, 800 meters – 5:32 minutes, 1500 meters – 11:27 minutes, One mile – 11:53 minutes, 3000 meters – 24:52 minutes, 5000 meters – 49:57 minutes, of which he set 5 records in 94 minutes.

On 16 October 2011, he became the first 100-year-old to finish a marathon, completing Toronto Waterfront Marathon in 8:11:06.

When asked him about what motivates and empowers him to run at this age, he said, “I do a lot of this for charity. And it is the blessings of all the beneficiaries that keep him going.” He credits his health and physical fitness to simple living and diet.

We salute your spirit, Mr. Fauja Singh. Hope you continue to follow your passion and run as many marathons as possible. We wish for your great health and well being. Keep making our country proud. :)


Article inputs from Dailymail & Wikipedia

Featured Image: The Guardian

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