If You Are Able To Find A Girlfriend, This Chinese University Will Give You Full Marks

love course chinese university

Tired of getting friend zoned? Stop blaming yourself! And start praising us, because we bring to your rescue the ultimate anti-friendzone solution. A course that teaches you the basics of love and dating! Yeah, that’s true!!   All of us have been there, seen that,

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10 Illustrations That Show Us How Love Can Be Found In Smallest Of Things

Love in small thingstion.

Love is a powerful emotion, felt even with the smallest of gestures, and the same has been depicted by Phillipa Rice via these illustrations in her book, “Soppy”. The drawings and cartoons are inspired from her own love story. Indeed, love cannot just be seen

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This Short Film Featuring Naseeruddin Shah & Shernaz Patel Teaches Us That It’s Never TOO LATE In Love!

naseer shernaz short film

LargeShortFilms recently released a short movie INTERIOR CAFÉ NIGHT featuring Naseeruddin Shah and Shernaz Patel, Shweta Basu Prasad & Naveen Kasturia (the guy from TVF Pitchers). The film by Adhiraj Bose revolves around ‘Love, loss and Reunion’. Naseeruddin Shah meets someone unexpected in his café

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10 Reasons Why We Are Head Over Heels In Love With The Bindass Phenomenon That Ranveer Singh Is

love you ranveer

Before starting, let me tell you straightway, the biggest perk of writing this article is Ranveer Singh, looking at photos of Ranveer Singh, reading about Ranveer Singh and RANVEER SINGH.   If you are a girl, you want someone like him. If you are a

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This American Woman Left Everything To Live In Slums With The One She Loved

Amid countless cases of break ups, divorces, cheatings that are happening in this world at the blink of an eye, we all understand how difficult it is to find true love. But as they say, true love always find its way. Here’s the story of

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Amid Valentine Week, This Video Tells You What Love Actually Means

Love is expressing your feelings to your partner about how much you love them. And it is also about spending time and valuing your relationship with the other person. But the definition of love has changed these days. It is not about the actual love between the

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8 People Who Died Doing What They Loved

Death is inevitable, and the undisputed truth of our very existence. However, out of those chosen few who loved what they did throughout their lives, there is no other way to depart, doing the same. Not everyone is passionate enough to pursue what they love,

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Despite Being Separated By A Distance Of 11000 Kms, Couple Connects By Creating Combo Pictures

I got busy. Colleagues came at my place. I went shopping. I was having dinner. Dad called up. –  These are some common excuses that people staying in long distance relationships would understand. The point that I am trying to explain here is that there can

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9 Quotes By Famous Celebrities Which Shows Their Immense Love For Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels is a name that needs no introduction. “Jack Daniel’s celebrates the independent spirit. Those who do things their own way, who take pride in their craft. Because that’s how we make our whiskey. Every single day.” Jack left behind this great legacy about

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9 Things Every Indian Loves About Pakistan

Our ancestors came from Pakistan. They really loved everything about Pakistan. Even after the partition, they missed their real home. An amazing line by a  Sufi Poet – “Woh galiyan fir yaad aa jaya karti hein” literally sums up the feelings of our great grandfathers. And feeling

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