Simply Blood – An Idea To Save Lives, To Bring Out The Saviour Inside Each Of Us


Blood, running through our veins, pumping through our organs, making us function and work. We have so much to be thankful for, and this is one of those vital things that have been bestowed upon us. But, we humans tend to take everything that is

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Eat This Vegetable And You’ll Never Fall Prey To Cancer, Fats and Heart Diseases


We are always told by our grannies that the best remedy to cure any or every disease lies in our kitchen or with our mother nature. Nature is aptly called the God’s pharmacy. Today we talk about one such wonder of nature, a vegetable that

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#TheGoodYouCan: 5 Videos Proving That Change Begins With You


What does it take to be a good Samaritan? Very few things, if you ask us. In fact, if we look around us, and adjust our perspective a teensy bit, we would come to know how one little act of ours can bring about a

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She Reduced Her Waist Size From 36 to 32 Inches In Less Than 9 Hours. Wanna Know What She Did??


Bloating of the stomach is simply swelling of intestine. This swelling can easily be removed. Many people cleanse their stomach with this amazing drink and they also lost from 2 to 4 inches from their waistline. This drink simply improves your digestion and contract intestinal

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5 Reasons Why Rock On 2 Is A Movie For All Generations

rock on review

And how well we remember the band ‘MAGIK’ that swooned us to its tunes earlier, only to return. Yes its here, one of the most awaited Bollywood outings of the year ‘Rock On 2’ has hit the screens this Friday. Directed by Shujaat Saudagar, this

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This 24YO Girl Married A 68YO Millionaire. What Followed Was A Shocking Revelation!!

24 year old married 68 year granddad

We all need companion in life no matter what age we are. This story is about a 68-year-old millionaire from Miami’s Golden Beach who took to a local dating site to find a wife for himself only to realize something really strange.   After two

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A Reporter Asked Radhika Apte About Her Controversial Nude Scenes In ‘Parched’. See How She Blasted Him!!

radhika apte slammed reporter

In an industry which is obsessed with Fairness & gorgeous looks, Radhika Apte, despite her dusky appearance, not only carved a niche for herself but also proved her mettle as a great actress.   While we all know how critically acclaimed her recent movie ‘Parched’ has been,

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Quiz: Which Mobile Case Should You Choose Depending On Your Personality??

phone cover personality quiz

We all our different individuals, striving to find a way of our own in this world. We have our traits, our persona, which distinguishes us from the rest. What’s more? Every single thing that we possess, every quality that resides inside our being, reflects the

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What Her 4-Year-Old Son Did To Her Was Extremely Terrible!

kid shot mom

Jamie Gilt, a 31-year-old mom from Jacksonville, Florida was reportedly driving when her 4-year-old son picked up the gun kept in the backseat and shot her in the back.   She was rushed to the hospital immediately after being shot.   While she was fortunate enough to

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This 48YO Married Teacher Forcefully Had Sex With 14YO Student. But That’s Not All!

teacher student sex

Shelley Duncan, a 48-year-old English teacher at Tishomingo High School in Oklahoma, is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old kid studying at the same school.   The local police found out messages in her phone which prove that there was some sort of relationship going on

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