People Share Their Views On Religion & Spirituality In This Powerful Video!


In today’s world, when we think of religion, we think of wars, destructions, people using it as a medium to divide and manipulate other people for their political gains. However, this was not the original purpose why religions were established. It was supposed to spread

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People Talk About Their Biggest Life Lesson In This Inspiring & Thought-Provoking Video


There is so much wisdom out there but we often fail to learn from people around us. Moreover, most of us even fail to learn even from our own mistakes. The reason is pretty simply that we don’t really introspect or carry a learning attitude

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Simply Blood – An Idea To Save Lives, To Bring Out The Saviour Inside Each Of Us


Blood, running through our veins, pumping through our organs, making us function and work. We have so much to be thankful for, and this is one of those vital things that have been bestowed upon us. But, we humans tend to take everything that is

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#TheGoodYouCan: 5 Videos Proving That Change Begins With You


What does it take to be a good Samaritan? Very few things, if you ask us. In fact, if we look around us, and adjust our perspective a teensy bit, we would come to know how one little act of ours can bring about a

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A Reporter Asked Radhika Apte About Her Controversial Nude Scenes In ‘Parched’. See How She Blasted Him!!

radhika apte slammed reporter

In an industry which is obsessed with Fairness & gorgeous looks, Radhika Apte, despite her dusky appearance, not only carved a niche for herself but also proved her mettle as a great actress.   While we all know how critically acclaimed her recent movie ‘Parched’ has been,

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This Guy Is Asking Random Girls For Their Panties. When You’ll Know The Reason You’ll Start Respecting Him


The guy in the following video is collection panties for a cause. I know the task sounds so weird however when you’ll know the reason why is he doing this you’ll start respecting him.   He approached the first girl and asked if he could

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The Time On iPhone In All Apple Ads is 9:41AM. Did You Know The Reason For This?

iphone time 941am

You probably would have observed the time on iPhones and iPads in all apple advertisements is set at 9:41 AM. Ever thought what could be the reason behind it? No.   So here’s your chance to think about it again and let us know what

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This Ass***e Was Staring At Her. What She Did Next Was Kickass..


She recently joined this company after passing out from college. After having stretched for a couple of hours, she finally finds the time for lunch. Meanwhile, she is joined by another boss of a different team.   The fact that she was new in the company, he asked her

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What This Makeup Artist Did To Her Is Damn Terrifying! Wanna Know What Happened?

jesse malone makeup artist

Isn’t the image you saw was damn scary? Right? What if I told you that there’s nothing to worry about and it’s just a makeup. Would you believe that? No.   Well, thanks to 22-year-old makeup artist Jessy Malone who utilizes her skills and passion for

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This Little Girl Saw This Homeless Man Outside A Restaurant. What She Did Next Will…..

girl feeding homeless

Little girl Ella was having her meal along with her father, Eddie, in a restaurant.   While dad was busy making video of her cute daughter having lunch, Ella saw this homeless man outside of the restaurant and decided to do something about it.   She asked her

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