This White Part On Your Nail Tells A Lot About Your Health. Here’s What It Means

This white half moon on your nails is actually an important indicator of your health. Carefully look at your nails and see if you have that white part. If no, you probably need to work a lot more on your health. We’ll come to that part in a bit but let’s first just understand what that means.


This small white area that starts at your nail beds is called  ‘Lunula’ which is a latin word for little moon.

lunula health nails


And to your surprise, it’s more than just a design and tells a lot about your state of health.  The condition of your lunula is a great indicator of your health.

lunula health nails


Here are certain things about lunula that are a must know for every person if you wish to be healthy throughout your life.

When your health deteriorates, the lunula starts to disappear. It may also indicate indigestion resulting from a slow metabolism etc. As your health begin to get normal, lunula takes its original shape.


While on the other hand, a white lunula indicates a more energetic and vibrant personality. In other words, this also means a person is active in his day to day activities.

lunula health nails


Medical experts say that if you have 8-10 milky white lunulas, this means that you have a strong health and your body is highly energetic.

lunula health nails


Your health and immunity are at risk if there are fewer white lunulas. To put things into perspective, Whiter the lunula, stronger the health.


If lunulas are only present on thumbs, you are physically weak and can easily fall prey to diseases.



Lunulas are often associated with systemic disorders which include issues with glands, depression, iron & vitamin B-12 deficiency etc. Keep a check with your doc in case you observe any of these things.


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