8 Reasons Why Everyone Must Watch TVF Pitchers Right Now!!

For people who don’t know TVF Pitchers, It’s a web based series based on the life of 4 IITians who are bored of their regular jobs and plan to start a start-up. The five-episode web series concluded on 30th August with the release of their last episode. This was the first season of the web series. Hopefully, there are more to follow which will keep us entertaining & inspiring.

Here are 8 reasons why ever person in India must watch TVF Pitchers:

1. Story of everyone’s life
It is relatable to our real lives. It takes us through fears, anxieties and emotions that exist in everyone’s lives while keeping entertained at the same time.


2. Amazing Script and Acting
You won’t find a script so entertaining and fresh. It keeps you engaged throughout. Wonderfully written script is well complemented by great acting by everyone especially Mandal (Abhay Mahajan) & Naveen Bansal (Naveen Kasturia).


3. Realistic
It shows day to day struggles of a person and how difficult it gets sometimes for a person to take an important decision. The show got immense popularity because of its ability to connect with the masses.


4. Inspiring
It hits the right chords at right times. The speech that Navin gives in episode 4 is the most inspiring speech you’ll ever hear. You would literally feel like clearing all the noise in your life and do something really big in your life.


5. Follow your heart
Have the courage to follow your heart and dreams at least once in your life. Because they truly know who you want to become.


6. IMDB Ranking
It is the only Indian show to have made it to IMDBs all time top 250 TV shows . Currently, it appears on #50

7. Amazing Dialogues & One-Liners
You should watch out for this. Some epic dialogues include –

1. Is desh ke graduates apni 9-5 jobs se bore hone lagte hain toh bahar nikal ne ke liye keval 3 raste dikhte hain: MBA, IAS and Start-up
2. Yahan 3 mein se 2 cubicle mein startup founders hi baithe hain
3. Yeh meri 8vi company hai.. Aur pehli saath?? Band hogayi
4. Baap ko pechkas dena ka app dhund rahe ho?

There are so many amazing dialogues that will keep your entertaining and inspiring till the end.

I want you to see this and then say it aloud.

All images sourced from TVF’s youtube channel. You can watch the entire series here.

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