#TheGoodYouCan: 5 Videos Proving That Change Begins With You

What does it take to be a good Samaritan? Very few things, if you ask us. In fact, if we look around us, and adjust our perspective a teensy bit, we would come to know how one little act of ours can bring about a huge change eventually. The same goes when we look at the way we treat our environment.

Look around you. What do you see? In the little deeds that we do we fail to notice the repercussions, those might have in the long run.

100 Pipers India brings together a series of animations to open your eyes and make you realize how you can bring about a change, and how every change begins with you.

Take a look at these videos that will surely change the way you do things and make our world a bit better, day by day, initiative by initiative.

#Check 1: Curb the discharge of fuel from your car

It is really unnecessary, especially during those odd twenty minutes every day, on an average, in a traffic jam. The vibe around you will change. Trust us.


#Check 2: Stop wasting food

On a daily basis, you might not notice the few morsels that are left on your plate. You combine it all in years to come, and you will know that you have wasted enough food which could otherwise have been used to feed the ones who were starving.


#Check 3: Save every drop of water

Switch off the tap while brushing your teeth. The amount of water you will save will be enough to ensure that a whole village does not go thirsty ever.


#Check 4: Recycle Paper

We use paper in numerous forms, on a daily basis. Newspapers, writing pads, notebooks, and what not. Recycle, for it will enhance the flora and fauna around you, making you and your future generations thrive and prosper with health.


#Check 5: Stick to your resolutions

Take resolutions that are achievable, and take small, baby steps towards your goal. Trust us, slowly and steadily, your life will fall into the pattern. Take a pledge of something good that can fill you with an awesome vibe.


Kudos to 100 Pipers India for coming up with such relatable animations to make people aware of the danger we are subjecting our environment and fellow humans to0.

This is an amazing initiative.


Featured Image: YouTube

This article is sponsored by 100Pipers

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