5 Instagram Pages You Should Follow If You Want To Experience The Ultimate Foodgasm!

Are you one of those who feel that food sings the Mumford and sons song “Where are you now? Do you ever think of me in the quiet, in the crowd?” always?  If the answer is ‘YES, ALWAYS’ then please open your Instagram accounts and suffer more.

Here we are, presenting to you, some absolutely droolsome pages on Instagram to follow, if you are as much of a foodie as we are.

Here are five Pages on Instagram that you ought to follow if you LOVE food. (You’ll be judged if you say no).

1. Shivesh

Our very own Indian boy, Shivesh (shivesh17) is a 20-year-old from New Delhi who is cooking/baking and clicking it all away. Check his feed and you’ll see what a treat to the eyes and the taste buds it is. He already has 74.8k followers.


2. Food In The Air

Foodintheair is the Instagram handle and is one of the most popular foodstagram. Buzzing with 352k followers, this NYC food page is sure to make you go the distance.


3. Coffee Cups of The World

One of the most unique pages on Instagram- coffeecupsoftheworld- as the name suggests, brings you the world’s best coffees and their cups. So all the ‘high on caffeine’ folks, go stalk (and follow).


4. Mel’s Food & Travel Blog

Mel or girleatworld (Instagram handle) posts all the food that she is having around the world. How exciting is that?! Start earning and take notes of what to eat where.


5. Munchy Mumbai

All the above-mentioned places seem far-fetched? Well, you can always come to Mumbai and enjoy the places that MunchyMumbai posts pictures of.


Already drooling? We all are!


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