There’s A Restaurant In Hyderabad Which Doesn’t Allow People To See The Food. Here’s Why?

Imagine…a proper, formal, sit-down dinner with 50 people, in a room that’s bathed in complete darkness. Would you enjoy it?

Food that looks good may not always taste good. But food that tastes good, why do you even have to look at it?


Yes, and that’s the whole idea behind a restaurant named ‘Taste of Darkness’.¬†According to their site, Taste of Darkness is a gastronomic experience you cannot replicate or even hope to experience again elsewhere.

Experience great food as your remaining senses become fully active giving you an opportunity to feel the food by the wonderful aroma around it.


It’s a place where you don’t actually pay for the food but for the tantalizing experience.

An experience that you can remember for a lifetime.

Besides the experience, this place also allows you to see life from a visually impaired person’s point of view.

With so many theme-based restaurants around the world, this one’s worth giving a shot.


Credits: Prashant Gupta

Featured Image: Dialogueinthedarkindia

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