Quiz: Which Mobile Case Should You Choose Depending On Your Personality??

phone cover personality quiz

We all our different individuals, striving to find a way of our own in this world. We have our traits, our persona, which distinguishes us from the rest. What’s more? Every single thing that we possess, every quality that resides inside our being, reflects the

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Your Foot Has A Lot To Say About Your Personality. And You Don’t Even Know!

foot personality

Although you cannot judge someone’s personality by just talking to them for a few minutes. However, there a secret formula we’ve found out which will help you understand a person’s personality to a certain extent by just looking at their foot. Isn’t that the most awesome thing

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This Little Girl Saw This Homeless Man Outside A Restaurant. What She Did Next Will…..

girl feeding homeless

Little girl Ella was having her meal along with her father, Eddie, in a restaurant.   While dad was busy making video of her cute daughter having lunch, Ella saw this homeless man outside of the restaurant and decided to do something about it.   She asked her

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This White Part On Your Nail Tells A Lot About Your Health. Here’s What It Means

lunula health nails

This white half moon on your nails is actually an important indicator of your health. Carefully look at your nails and see if you have that white part. If no, you probably need to work a lot more on your health. We’ll come to that part

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This Dad Lies To Her Daughter Every Single Day. The Reason Will Leave You In Tears…

dad lies to her daughter

It’s every parent wish that they give a great life to their kids. But life is not the same for everyone. While some get to experience the best of amenities such as swimming pools, cars, expensive clothes and gadgets other get to see the harsh realities of

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This Unique Photo Project Show How Different Dogs Age And It’s Heartmelting

photos show how dogs age

Yes, sadly, even these furry little fleabags, our babies, do get old. But, they will always be tiny little pieces of our heart. Surprisingly, or not, different breeds exhibit different signs of aging. Photographer Amanda Jones has captured the lives of dogs through her lens for

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If You Are Able To Find A Girlfriend, This Chinese University Will Give You Full Marks

love course chinese university

Tired of getting friend zoned? Stop blaming yourself! And start praising us, because we bring to your rescue the ultimate anti-friendzone solution. A course that teaches you the basics of love and dating! Yeah, that’s true!!   All of us have been there, seen that,

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3 Guys Travelled From Delhi To Munnar In An Old Maruti, Are Slaying All The #VacationGoals

How many times have you seen Dil Chahta Hai or Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara or even Queen? And how many times have these movies aroused inside you an urge to take that much-needed vacation?  You must have been on several trips, vacations, treks, but wait

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7 Perks Of Living Away From Parents

living away from parents

We all like to come home and have mummy ke hath ka khana and maybe sometimes that papa ki bittersweet daant, but there a point in life when you have to move out of your comfort zone and live away from your parents, be it

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13 Things About Life, Love, And Everything Else, That The Art Of Photography Teaches Us

Things photography taught us about life

If there were any trophies for being the form of expression which is enjoyed, and practiced by everyone, it would have been simply bagged by Photography. A photograph is a second of life captured, something to remind you as the years pass by. Coloured or

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