51 Ways To Be The Best Version Of Yourself


How to be the best version of yourself is a difficult question to answer and the best way I know to improve life. So let’s try and delve deeper into what our best version shall do. In the following points, I have tried to cover everything possible

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I Went On A 10-Day Bike Trip To Spiti Valley And This Is What I Learnt!


The best part about being human is that you learn a thing or two virtually from every living and non-living thing on this planet. And it is often said that traveling gives you the best experiences and lessons of your life. It was perhaps true in

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After Learning These 11 Brutal Truths About Life, Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again


Your time on this planet is limited, so it is in your best interest to understand these brutal truths about life right now so that you put things in perspective and live your life with a higher purpose in mind. So please be real and

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People Share Their Views On Religion & Spirituality In This Powerful Video!


In today’s world, when we think of religion, we think of wars, destructions, people using it as a medium to divide and manipulate other people for their political gains. However, this was not the original purpose why religions were established. It was supposed to spread

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13 Things About Life, Love, And Everything Else, That The Art Of Photography Teaches Us

Things photography taught us about life

If there were any trophies for being the form of expression which is enjoyed, and practiced by everyone, it would have been simply bagged by Photography. A photograph is a second of life captured, something to remind you as the years pass by. Coloured or

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15 Quotes From Kung Fu Panda Movies That Can Steer Your Soul With Wit And Wisdom

kung fu panda quotes

“There is no secret ingredient, it’s just you.” – Po, Kung Fu Panda You might want to believe that animated movies are just for children, but for those, who have been a fan of a 90s franchise like Finding Nemo, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and

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6 Times Pixar’s Finding Dory Was A Perfect Life Lesson

finding dory review

For all those who have adored Finding Nemo, the wait for the sequel has been quite long. Fret not, it’s already here, and the wait was definitely worth it. Finding Dory is here and worth every moment, just as good as its predecessor. The story

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11 Life Lessons To Learn From Chanakya, The Most Badass Politician Of All Time

life lessons from Chanakya

So, who is Chanakya? According to me, and according to everything I’ve read about him, he was one man who made some sense, a sense that is relevant even in today’s world. He can generally said to be a philosopher, who was blessed with this

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8 Life Lessons To Learn From The Epic Mahabharata

The greatest epic that has ever been written, Mahabharata sure is practical, and offers many lessons as the story progresses. In fact, it can very well be called our own mythological Game of Thrones, sans the goriness and explicit content of the latter. With rich

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11 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dil Dhadakne Do

Trust Zoya Akhtar to bring us stories that can stay long with us, even if the characters are freaking rich, and the plot twists can be too preposterous to be digested. A family on the cruise, almost on the verge of falling apart, comes together

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