People Share Their Views On Religion & Spirituality In This Powerful Video!


In today’s world, when we think of religion, we think of wars, destructions, people using it as a medium to divide and manipulate other people for their political gains. However, this was not the original purpose why religions were established. It was supposed to spread

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People Talk About Their Biggest Life Lesson In This Inspiring & Thought-Provoking Video


There is so much wisdom out there but we often fail to learn from people around us. Moreover, most of us even fail to learn even from our own mistakes. The reason is pretty simply that we don’t really introspect or carry a learning attitude

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This Video Will Make You Thank Your Watchman, If You Have Not Already.

The job of a watchman is one of the toughest jobs around. You don’t believe. You will, in some time. In spite of such a challenging job,¬†we never had the courtesy to thank them. In fact, I have seen people threatening them for not performing

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