17 Strongest Female Characters Ever Played In Bollywood Movies

It seems that Bollywood movies have not given woman their fair share. Because in most of the movies women are offered roles seemingly futile & of no use. They are just treated as a way to increase sex appeal for any movie. However, there are certain movies where Indian women played lead roles and became bigger hits than most of the male-dominated movies that are made in Bollywood.

The characters were so strong that to this date you would remember each one of them. Have a look yourself.

1. No One Killed Jessica

Based on killing of Jessica Lall, the movie offers a great combination of a kick ass journalist Meera Gaity and Sabrina Lall, sister of Jessica Lall, who go through harsh realities of the entire political system to get justice for her deceased sister. You will see some power packed dialogues by both of them.


2. Chandni Bar

Tabu came to limelight only after this movie. Tabu portrayed a strong character of a tolerant bar girl.


3. 7 Khoon Maaf

Susanna kills her 7 husbands one after the other in her unending quest for true love. The movie was base on Ruskin Bond’s novel ‘Susanna’s Seven Husbands’.


4. Mother India

In this movie, Radha (played by Nargis) showed high moral values and concept of self-sacrifice. The movies also portray struggles of a farmer woman against poverty, nature and a corrupt money lender.


5. Queen

The movie shows the transformation of Rani a simple, shy and an innocent Punjabi girl to a bold, confident and an independent woman. This is one movie that you shouldn’t miss.


6. Lajja

The movie simply shows the brutal reality of women and their place in our society. Every female character had its own strength.


7. Mary Kom

If someone says you that women can’t do anything. Tell them to watch this movie. How a small town girl shows the will and courage to achieve her dreams.


8. Guide

The movie portrays the life a woman who follows her heart and dreams and rejects every male companion just to achieve her dreams.


9. Black

The movie portrays the strength of a deaf and dumb girl to achieve something big in her life. Hats off to such a powerful acting by Rani.


10. Mardaani

Rani doesn’t stop from playing strong characters in the movie. This movie is no different. The character is based on a real-life cop who solved several child trafficking cases.


11. Arth

The movie liberates a woman from its dependency on a man or any other man for that matter just to live an independent life.


12. Mirch Masala

Son Bai played by Smita Patil still remain one of the powerful female characters in Indian cinema. A story of a woman who refuses to give in to a subedar.


13. Astitva

The movie liberates a woman from male chauvinism that exist for so long in our society.


14. The Lunchbox

Ila (Nimrat Kaur) finally realizes that the true freedom is not in the life she is currently leading. And for the first time she listens to her heart and finds a life she always hoped to live.


15. English Vinglish

The movie revolves around the life of housewife named Shashi who is always suppressed and bullied for her bad English by her family. It shows a dramatic transformation of a shy and simple housewife to a confident and bold woman.


16. Dirty Picture

Here was on display (pun intended) erotic and sensual power of a woman who made no bones about her physicality and in fact, flaunts it, to hell with inhibitions and repressed sexuality.


17. Kahaani

Vidya Bagchi glued all the viewers to the edge seats till the end. It was perhaps one of the strongest roles played by Vidya Balan.

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