Thanks To These 29 Students From Mumbai’s St. Paul College, This Village Will Get To See Achhe Din

“Be the change you wish to see in the world” – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi

We understand a lot of people believe in this quote, but we seldom find people being the change. And while the government of the day is still thinking about the ways to tackle the farmer’s crisis, a group of volunteers from St. Paul’s college Ulhasnagar, a suburb in Mumbai, have already changed the life of people living in Kishor Gaon, about 8 km from Murbad town in Thane district.

This was the situation before the volunteer team from St. Paul’s college arrived in the village.



Water shortage still continues to be a major problem for farmers across the board, the entire efforts by the team were put to enhance water storage facilities. Bunds were built across the streams as a result so that maximum water can be stored.

“This year rainfall was very low. That’s why it was difficult for farmers to harvest the vegetables. The CEO Zila Parishad Thane, came up with the concept of bunds,” said a Gramsevak Sunil Govind Kor.



29 volunteers and two program officers from the NSS unit of Mumbai’s St. Paul’s College worked relentlessly in the construction of bunds across the streams.

5 eight layered bunds were constructed with 4500 sacks to store as much water that the villagers don’t face problems in harvesting their fields when there is no rainfall.

“When the students started working here, there was no water. After the construction of bunds a large amount of water was stored,” said the Village Sarpanch Sanjay Dashrat Gaikar.





The results were visible soon after the volunteers completed the work. Needless to say, the folks did a tremendous job.

1. Women now don’t have to go to far off place just to fetch water.

2. Farmers witnessed an increase in profits from ₹50,000 to ₹300,000.


3. Now, ten Farmers can harvest fields instead of four.

4. The villagers expect a profit of Rs ₹2 Cr this year as against ₹1 Cr last year.



That is indeed a great achievement by St. Paul’s team. Great work guys! :)



Here’s the complete story.

Politicians, are you listening?



Images Source: YouTube

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