Simply Blood – An Idea To Save Lives, To Bring Out The Saviour Inside Each Of Us

Blood, running through our veins, pumping through our organs, making us function and work. We have so much to be thankful for, and this is one of those vital things that have been bestowed upon us. But, we humans tend to take everything that is ours for granted, no matter how valuable it is, and blood is one such thing. We fret over little things, but seldom do we bother over something as precious as blood, and one day, when someone close to us is in dire need, we panic, we run, with bewildered eyes searching for some ray of hope, for a few drops of the till then neglected vitality.

Indeed, there are blood banks and a few other ways, and building a connection through friends. But, what if you could create a network through an app?

An app, that scans the blood group in your area according to the number of registrants? Well, now that is possible, courtesy an application wherein you can register yourself as a donor and one which will help you in need, using the advantages of GPS and scan.



But, the idea came at a hard cost for the founder, Kiran Verma.



“3 accidents changed my life,” he said while talking to ThynkFeed.

The first incidence took place, when I was around 6-7 years old I lost my mother due to cancer. Her death was not related with blood but her demise left me alone and I got to realize losing someone at an early age. I took a pledge that I will do my level best to save lives in my life. So, I started donating blood and created a small community of blood donors.

The second shock took place when in August 2016 one of our community members didn’t inform us about his mother, who was fighting with dengue and he was around 2-3 hours away from her. His mother needed platelets and he thought he will make it to donate his own platelets to his mother. But by the time he could make it, it was all over. That day I realized that time and distance is so critical.

Third and biggest eye-opening day was 28 Dec 2016, when I got a call that somebody needs blood in Delhi and I went to donate blood. I was clueless about who called me or who is the needy. When I was coming back after donating blood, I changed my mind and thought to meet the patient. I couldn’t meet the patient but I got to meet his wife. I was broken to hear that the lady sold herself to bring her husband for the treatment to Delhi and my own blood which I donated for free was sold to her for Rupees 1500. The person who called me was an agent who used to sell blood to poor people who are from outside Delhi.

That day, I decided that I won’t be working anymore and left my job to give my 100% to this cause. We started working on the app on 3rd Jan and launched the app on 29th Jan 2017.”


Moving, aren’t they? These are not just words. These words come from the core of someone who saw death, up, close, and personal, clawing at his loved ones in front of his eyes, and taking them away. He chose to do something about it so that none suffers a loss so great again, due to lack of something as simple as blood, when there are so many donors available, just waiting for a platform to serve.


Hence, the birth of Simply Blood took place, an application to save lives, a platform where you are the one in distress, but where you channelise your inner savior as well.



More than 200+ potential lives have been saved because of the immediate response this application fetched in the form of those who registered themselves on it. This app is currently used by more than 3000 people.




It has reached more than 60 countries in less than 10 weeks period, due to its novel and much-needed concept, and now there are more than 100 students under the Simply Blood Ambassador Program.



Download the application, register yourself and be a part of a movement, a resolution to save lives. Life’s best gifts come free of cost, someone wise had once said. Let’s make use of the phrase, and save a life, one at a time. Never again, a loved one shall die because of lack of amenities, for we will pledge ourselves through this app to help each other in need, irrespective of caste and creed.


Download the application for android here. The application for IOS will be available soon. Become a saviour today, simply register at Simply Blood.

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