17 Silly Things You Do When You Have A Crush On Someone

I am sure all of you remember your time when you had a crush on someone from your school, college, university, office etc. I hope some of you must have got married to your crushes. When it’s our first crush, we do a lot of things which we later realize as silly and stupid. But we do that our of sheer love and an attempt to stay closer to the people we want to have a relationship with.

So, if you have ever had a crush on someone, check how many of these are true. Leave a reply in the comments section.

1. Stalk them on Social Media

Checking their facebook, twitter, Instagram accounts become your favorite pastime.


2. Knowing their entire schedule

You have their day schedule on your tips right from breakfast in the morning to the late night party.


3. Constantly checking your phone for any message received

Checking your phone without any reason also becomes your hobby.


4.  Reading their same message for hours

And, if by any chance you receive a message from them, you will read it for hours.


5. Playing flames and love calculator games

You often get yourself involved in games just to know if she would fall for you.


6. Finding ways to be around them

You constantly look for occasions just to get a look on them.


7. Finding reasons of talking to them 

Even though you may not have anything to talk about, still you would give it a try.


8. Thinking about them when not around


9. Trying to impress him/ her at every occasion

You want to impress them without looking like a despo.


10. Making friends with their friends.

You would try to be friends with their friends in order to keep yourself updated on what’s going on around them.


11. Driving yourself crazy

The feeling if he/she likes you the same way makes you angry and mad.


12. Insomnia

How can your sleep?


13. Analyzing every situation

Trying to use rules of probability in order to analyze every situation if he/she likes you or not.


14. Over excitement if they say ‘yes’ to anything

Saying ‘yes’ to a question like “going for a coffee” will make you crazy.


15. Searching  things on the internet about how to take it forward.

You would keep searching on the internet on how to take this relationship to the next level.


16. Long discussion with your friends if they like you or not.

Discussing your crush with your friends becomes your top priority.


17. Your heart beats faster if she is near you

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