Ever Wondered Who Invented Seat Belt? Here’s The Interesting Story!

This article is dedicated to all those dreadful times when you had to forcefully put on your seat belts. Despite all the frustration, we never realized how safe this little thing was. Well, seat belts, also known as the safety belts have been devised so that the passenger is safe in the times of uncertain accidents.

We have all read science in our school, that mentioned how our body is also in motion when the vehicle is moving, and therefore, in case of any unfortunate accident that hits you from behind, the seat belt provides you protection by applying an opposite force.

Times are really uncertain, and therefore, one must not forget to put on his/her seat belt. After all, PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN CURE!


With that, my attention and desire for knowledge wander upon the quest to know, who created seat belt?


Seat belts were invented in 19th century by an English engineer called George Cayley and with some alterations, Edward J. Claghorn from New York was the first to be granted a patent for a seat belt.

With the passage of time, in 1911, Benjamin Foulois, while flying a fighter jet felt the need for something that could hold him to his seat more firmly. With World War II, the fighter jets also came in with the seat belts.


In 1946, Dr. C Hunter Shelden, was worried about increasing number of head injuries owing to vehicle accidents and came out with the concept of retractable seat belts. Gradually, American car manufacturers ‘Nash’ and ‘Ford’ started offering seat belts as an option in their designs.


In 1958, Swedish car company, ‘Saab’ made this a standard practice to inculcate a seat belt in all their models. Since then, all the vehicles compulsorily have seat belts fitted in them. But this was not all.

The types of seat belt that the Swedish cars had in them, reports showed, were giving rise to the number of accidents.



Then came into operation the three-point seat belts, those that we see in almost all the vehicles today were actually designed by Nils Bohlin, an engineer with ‘Volvo’, in the year 1959.

Volvo gave free license to all other car manufacturers to use their concept of a seat belt. Since then, the numbers of accident fatalities decreased, proving that the purpose of seat belts was justified.


Then there came seat belt laws! These originated in Australia and have literally travelled the whole of the world by now.



With this, Volvo clearly revolutionized the automobile industry and raised the safety standards a notch higher.


A brand that will always be remembered for giving an invention that saves lives!



So you better become serious, because the role of a seat belt is very similar to the role of the belt of your loose trousers (pun intended) :P


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