This Restaurant In Mumbai Employs Only Hearing And Speech-Impaired Wait Staff. Here’s Why?

There is a restaurant in Mumbai named Mirchi & Mime (M&M), which is more than just a normal restaurant. A restaurant with a difference as you may want to call and possibly, the first Indian restaurant to employ only hearing and speech-impaired wait staff.

Perhaps, this is a place where your actions speak louder than words. And, use of sign language is considered more suitable and desirable.

“It is not about the disability, but about celebrating the immense talent that came their way via their wait staff,” says Prashant Issar, Co-founders & CEO, M&M.

This novel concept is inspired from Signs Restaurant in Toronto, Canada, where Prashant, who has been in the hospitality industry for over two decades, was dining one day.


Prashant believes it’s important to generate wealth for society at large and what better way than to start with, by employing those differently-abled.

He was joined by Anuj Shah in his project to bring about this change.

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