7 Raksha Bandhan Gifts For 7 Different Type Of Sisters. Happy Raksha Bandhan!!

We are just a couple of hours away from a festival that marks the great relationship of love and bonding among brothers and sisters. The brother agrees to protect the sister in every circumstance and sister hopes for prosperity and happiness for the brother.

Some regional variations are observed in celebrating this festival. For instance, in parts of West Bengal and Odisha this is also called Jhulan Purnima and the day is started by offering prayers to Lord Krishna & Radha. While in Uttarakhand, along with sister brother ritual, men also change their sacred thread also known as Janeu.

There are different type of sisters that we have to deal with throughout our life :). Sometimes, they are the cause of our pain and every time, they heal our pain. Sometimes, we do cat fights and sometimes we support each other in need.

So for all those types of great sisters we have a collection of gifts different for each type. Sisters may be different in attitude and nature, but they are our true well-wishers.

Let’s have a look.

1. The Artist

She has a great inclination towards art. It could be paintings, music or any other form of art. You can gift her something related to her favorite art. If she likes paintings and wants to be a painter you could give her something that helps her achieve that dream For e.g. canvas, colors etc.


2. The Party Animal

Without a doubt, she is always interested in  parties. She is always on a look out for new places to dine & party. She is extrovert and expressive. Please gift her something like a pass to a great party in the town. Otherwise, she wouldn’t shy away in asking it directly from you. So be prepared for it.


3. The Explorer

She is always ready to travel different locations and would keep researching about various places. The best way is to plan a trip for her along with her friends. So this could work for you and can give many memories to her. Products perish, but memories last. If your sister is married, then you can plan her trip with her husband and kids. You can give it as a gift on Raksha Bandhan day.


4. The Studious Girl

Just keep buying books for her. This could be your regular expenditure. It is not going to be a one-off thing.


5. The Shopaholic 

You can log on to any of the eCommerce sites right away and order something for her before she kills you. Or maybe you can sponsor her shopping this weekend. Put a budget to it or you will end up losing you entire month’s salary.


6. The Selfie Lover

She loves selfies more than anything else. Give her a new phone. That’s the only option. If she has it, then possibly you can prepare a wonderful collage of her selfies and gift it to her. She would love it.


7. The Makeup Artist

Give her a good makeup kit. She could possibly help you with latest fashion trends. She can also give you tips on how to impress a girl.

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