PM Modi Recently Started Following Arvind Kejriwal On Twitter. Some Twitter Reactions Will Make Your Day!

In the last one year, since the Arvind Kejriwal-led AAP government came to power, the centre and the AAP government are caught in a tussle over a range of issues. CM Kejriwal has criticised PM Modi & the central government for their non-cooperation and he’s been quite vocal about their conflicting interests on social & traditional media.

PM Modi recently started following Delhi CM on twitter and Arvind Kejriwal took to the micro-blogging site to thank PM Modi for following him and hope for a better cooperation between both governments in future.


This is what he tweeted:


This tweet by Kejriwal was followed by some amusing reactions of people on twitter:


This guy even found a connection between PM Modi following him & his everlasting cough problem.


He brought back the past connections.


Maybe PM Modi interested in first-hand movie reviews.


And, this guy even captured the reactions of CM Kejriwal after he was followed by PM Modi.


Twitter is a very ‘phunny’ platform. Indeed!


Featured Image: 1 & 2

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