13 Things About Life, Love, And Everything Else, That The Art Of Photography Teaches Us

If there were any trophies for being the form of expression which is enjoyed, and practiced by everyone, it would have been simply bagged by Photography.

A photograph is a second of life captured, something to remind you as the years pass by. Coloured or black and white, normal or filtered, portrait or landscape, every click has a memory, every snap has a story to tell. So when life gets too blurry, remind yourself to adjust the focus.

1. Photographs are the only constants in your life. The people in them will definitely change and the scenarios might become different.

But the photographs will always remind you of the good times.


2. Let the picture tell your story, and let it bring out the artistic side of you. A minute detail can make or break a picture.


3. A beautiful picture is generated from a negative. That’s the thing with life too, when everything seems wrong, be sure that the negatives are simply paving a way for the beautiful.


4. Some things turned out to be wonderful because you were present in the right place at the right time.


5. Some things don’t look good at the first attempt, either a re-attempt or an edit makes them better which refers to our own habits and our successes.

Every second counts and a second wasted is an opportunity lost.



6. There is a lot to learn in photography and in life in general. Often the perfect cup of tea requires the right amount of brewing that ingredients and the right amount of perseverance lead to better pictures than having the best equipment.

Respect for all the not beautiful things in life because every picture cannot be the best.


7. The camera always gives exactly as it receives. Input and output is all decided by you, camera may add on effects but you are the one who gives it permission.

The same hold true for your life as well.


8. Preparedness for anything to come on the way and dealing it with respect, it may be a low battery for the camera or a hurdle for an opportunity.

Pay attention to the little things for they matter the most and most people tend to overlook it.


9. Passion is the fuel that keeps the vehicle of life healthy and when strong passion takes over reality usually is thrown out of the window. Differentiating between the two is necessary.

Settling for good enough or aiming for the best is determined by one’s own perfection.


10. A different space and time reserved only for oneself and their thoughts to achieve something better out of the existing ideas.

A capacity to twist things and manipulate them in our own benefit is taught by photography.


11. Smile for every picture, one never knows which picture might be appreciated and become famous. Never forget your original pictures in front of the edited ones.

The originals can provide numerous more edits but the edited ones shall never change.


12. There is light in the darkness and beauty in the ugly, just the correct angle and equipment shall show it. It shows how life has patterns, and humans have tendencies.

Try to understand them for a clearer picture.


13. Never be tired, always be ready for another adventure in your life and despite the memory saying full get ready for another click.

It is never too late to learn new tricks and technology.


On a much, much deeper level, it shows you that everything is beautiful, brimming with life and yet, nothing in it seems that bright.


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Featured Image: FeelGrafix

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