What Her 4-Year-Old Son Did To Her Was Extremely Terrible!

kid shot mom

Jamie Gilt, a 31-year-old mom from Jacksonville, Florida was reportedly driving when her 4-year-old son picked up the gun kept in the backseat and shot her in the back.   She was rushed to the hospital immediately after being shot.   While she was fortunate enough to

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This 48YO Married Teacher Forcefully Had Sex With 14YO Student. But That’s Not All!

teacher student sex

Shelley Duncan, a 48-year-old English teacher at Tishomingo High School in Oklahoma, is accused of having sex with a 14-year-old kid studying at the same school.   The local police found out messages in her phone which prove that there was some sort of relationship going on

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What If I Told You Both Girls In This Image Are Same. But, What Happened To Her??


6-year-old Bella Sullivan went swimming over the weekend a couple of months ago at Huntington Park beach with a small cut on her face.   As soon as she was done swimming and came back home, her mother observed some redness and swelling being developed on her

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This Girl Asks For Condoms From The Shopkeeper. The Way People Reacted Will Show You The World We Live In

girl asks condoms

This girl is going out to random medical shops and asking for condoms.   She enters the first shop and says in a firm voice. “Bhaiya,  Do you have condoms?” More than anything, look at this cop’s insensitive reaction as soon as the girl left. He

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The Boy Lost 75% Of His Eyesight Because Of This Toy We All Use

boy lost eyesight

Laser lights have been a good source of entertainment for many kids. And most of us assume that it’s just a toy and it is not dangerous. Recently, a 14-year-old boy’s parents had purchased a high-power laser light for him without knowing the consequences. Read on

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These Girls Just Took The Perfect Selfie Of Their Life. But Wait! What’s there In The Background??

selfie with a ghost

Honestly speaking, we all have heard stories of ghosts and supernatural powers. However, all that looks like a mystery unless you’ve experienced it yourself. And the fact that we live in a smart world of 4G where stories such as these only get a facepalm. But

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This Guy Is Asking Random Girls For Their Panties. When You’ll Know The Reason You’ll Start Respecting Him


The guy in the following video is collection panties for a cause. I know the task sounds so weird however when you’ll know the reason why is he doing this you’ll start respecting him.   He approached the first girl and asked if he could

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This Beautiful Lady Is Touching Every Stranger On The Escalator. The Way They Reacted Is Adorable!

touch strangers escalator

Have you ever had a moment when you were asked out or even touched by a random smoking hot stranger? If your answer is no, you are going to get so jealous after you are done watching this video.   This girl is touching random guys in

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The Time On iPhone In All Apple Ads is 9:41AM. Did You Know The Reason For This?

iphone time 941am

You probably would have observed the time on iPhones and iPads in all apple advertisements is set at 9:41 AM. Ever thought what could be the reason behind it? No.   So here’s your chance to think about it again and let us know what

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This Guy Was Walking On Rooftops. What Happened Next Will Give You Chills.

guy on rooftops

It takes a lot of courage to do something daredevil but why would someone do this at the first place. Over the years, we’ve come across so many videos showing people performing the scariest things ever. Whether it was Danny Macaskill’s dangerous bike ride or the video

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