12 Of The Most Dangerous Journeys To School

One very crucial phase of a person’s life is his/her school life. Besides learning about Mathematics, History, Science, Social Science etc., school plays a significant role in shaping one’s personality. It is the first 15 years of your life spent at school which decides what you will be for the rest of your life. A place where you give directions to your career & wings to your dreams and prepare yourself for the unseen.

This article is dedicated to all those times, when you have dreaded getting up early in the morning, to all those times you faked a stomach ache to avoid going to school, for every time you rejoiced at the thought of summer vacations, without realizing how fortunate you are! Read on to know why I’m saying this.

Think about those who don’t have all the privileges that you are born with. Children in some areas do not get to attend schools owing to financial constraints, family problems & precarious routes that they have to ply on in order to reach school.

Today we present some of the most dangerous journeys to the school which will make you salute their determination!

1. Zhang Jiawan, South China

School children have to climb on unhinged wooden ladders to reach their school in South China. Horrifying!


2. Rio Negro River, Colombia

Just so you know, the distance that the kids have to fly is equal to 800 m, and this is 400 m above the sea level.


3. Horse Cart commute in Delhi

This picture is of some students in Delhi, enjoying their horse cart ride to the school. Well, this is very dangerous because of the load that the cart is carrying over it. It may lead the cart to overturn.

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