Meet The Team Behind The Brilliant ‘Mauka Mauka’ Campaign During ICC World Cup 2015

When the entire nation was going gaga over the super duper hit ‘Mauka Mauka’ world cup commercial, there was a team passionately working behind the campaign to make sure it meets the success it got, eventually.  A campaign, so brilliantly executed that it changed the course of world cup advertising forever.

Let’s take you through how it all happened when the whole country was dancing to the tunes of Mauka Mauka, what was happening behind the scenes.

Star Sports creative team conceives the idea.

The creative team behind Star Sports is to be credited for creating the idea including Mustafa Rangwala, Vikas Dubey & others. Unknown to the fact that this campaign will be a massive hit among the masses, their gave mauka to a fairly new agency, Bubblewrap Films, which no one knew at that point.


Bubblewrap Team set to work.

Usually, an ad film is created in 20-25 days but their challenge was – they were given only 5 days and that too for a campaign which was about to break the internet. Suresh Triveni, Director, Bubblewrap Films, conceptualized the idea and executed it with finesse, on time. The idea of incorporating soundtrack also came from Triveni, who then hired,

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