9 Women Entrepreneurs Who Inspired The World

International Women’s Day just went by, and everyone had something or the other wonderful, sweet nothings about the women in their lives. We say, why just for a day? Every day is meant for you and us, irrespective of anything. We can celebrate love any day, and we can celebrate the true spirit of a woman, any day.

Keeping that in mind, we bring to you some successful women entrepreneurs, who defied gender bias, to emerge like a phoenix.

1. Indra Noorani, Chairman and CFO of Pepsico

At the age of 56, she has the vigil and vigour of a 20-year-old. She was awarded Padma Bhushan for her achievements in business and leading and inspiring corporate aspirants in the country.


2. Chanda Kochhar, MD & CEO of ICICI Bank

A gold medallist throughout her meritorious educational background, she is one strong woman to look up to, given she manages one of the largest, and first private bank of India, ICICI.


3. Ritu Kumar

She is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry, and an inspiration for many. She has created a name and brand image for herself, right from scratch, with her sheer will power and hard work. In spite of all the success, she remains a down to earth and polite human being, and an encouragement for the newbies in the industry.

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