51 Ways To Be The Best Version Of Yourself

How to be the best version of yourself is a difficult question to answer and the best way I know to improve life. So let’s try and delve deeper into what our best version shall do.

In the following points, I have tried to cover everything possible to make sure that you start imagining your future self and immediately start taking actions to be your best version.

So here we go. Your best version will –

1. Read inspiring quotes/stories.

2. Be kind & modest.

3. Focus on one thing at a time.

4. Always be proactive about everything in life.

5. Plan for future.

6. Learn and share life lessons with people. Improve life of others as well.

7. Always eat healthy food.

8. Exercise daily.

9. Celebrate small wins. It keeps you focused and determined towards the bigger picture.

10. Have goals for everything in life including Work, Personal, Health, Relationships, Leisure & Travel, Lifestyle goals etc. The bigger goals are supported by smaller goals & plans to keep a track if we are moving in the right direction.

11. Spend at least 30 minutes every day with him/her self.

12. Never waste time on unimportant/trivial things.

13. Figure out what the real purpose of their life is and start making efforts towards that purpose.

14. Plan the future well in advance.

15. Focus on the positives. Complain less and life will be more rewarding.

16. Use social network as a way to connect and not as a way to distract.

17. Remind people of the value they are adding to your life.

18. Always be knowledge hungry and will read Books, Wikipedia, Medium, Quora etc. to satiate that hunger.

19. Support & help people in need. Be it a friend or a stranger.

20. Travel and collect experiences.

21. Learn from people around them.

22. Be willing to take calculated risks.

23. Never settle for less.

24. Smile more and smile often.

25. Do one thing every day you didn’t do before.

26. Never hesitate to apologize for their mistakes.

27. Take steps to come out of comfort zone.

28. Journal every day of life.

29. Show gratitude for what they have.

30. Always plan to simplify life.

31. Focus on honing skills.

32. Compliment someone every day.

33. Remove negative people and things from life.

34. Meditate every day. Even if it is for 10 minutes.

35. Have the courage to take a stand.

35. Inspire and motivate others.

36. Not be afraid of failure.

37. Plan finances.

38. Ask for help if needed.

39. Not hold any grudges.

40. Let his work speak for himself.

41. Be different and unique.

42. Not compare his/her life to others. Rather focus on ways to improve life.

43. Pursue excellence.

44. Have meaning conversations & relationships with people.

45. Accept that most of the things are beyond your control.

46. Have a long term approach and will not rely on quick fixes.

47. Be assertive.

48. Not take things for granted.

49. Believe in intuition.

50. Never hesitate to share critical feedback.

51. Dream, Dream & Dream.


Hope these are all good points to start being your best self.


Featured Image: Time

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