These Posters Titled ‘Idols Of Reality’ Pose A Really Important Question

I have often heard people say ‘Bhagwan par bharosa rakho, woh sab theek karenge’ which means ‘Have faith in god, he will make everything good’ and then I heard another quote recently which sounds convincing and more logical to me. The quote is from a Bollywood movie and it goes like this – ‘Bhagwan ke barose mat baitho, kya pata woh humre bharose baitha ho’ which means ‘Do not depend on god, maybe, God is sitting there depending on us! Quite contradictory to each other.

The point here is it’s not a question about being dependent on God or not. It’s a question which has to do with our own morality. It’s a question about doing what is right. It is only the people like you and me who can make a difference. As Gandhi rightly said ‘Be the change that you wish you see in the world’.

These posters titled ‘Idols Of Reality’ truly depict the society we live in. Even the God feels helpless after so much of damage to humanity. Take a look at these posters by Limitless.






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