Start Your Holi With This Beautiful Message!

Smiling and giggling faces, dripping with various hues of red, green, yellow, and sometimes even black. How can we even forget the hideously funny shades of silver and gold, that was a royalty if in possession. The swinging water balloons, mixed with the delicious aromas of gujiyas and samosas, that was Holi for us, in our good old days of childhood.

However, there is one more memory which is in the far corner of the mind, when you jiggle it a little bit to bring it out. The essays we were asked to write, during our Hindi tests, on “Festivals of India”. Face it, we always started it with the line “Holi/Diwali is the main festival of Hindus.” Did anyone ever correct us there? Well, the honest answer to the question is, no. No one ever told us that festivals are for everyone, irrespective of caste, creed, or religion.

This Holi, MasterStroke Entertainment brought back all those moments of nostalgia rushing, with this beautiful video.

Tyohar Hindu ya Musalman thodi hote hain,
Tyohar to tyohar hote hain..

Watch and smile. :)


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Featured Image: WorldFestivalDirectory

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