N(G)ame Of Thrones – What Lies Beneath The Powerful Names In The Series

With the finale of season 6 of Game Of Thrones some new fan fiction have conjured up and some others have taken a stronghold. These fan fiction indicate where the story might lead to and what twists n turns may stir up. Apart from these fan fiction, there is another area which can help us in speculating but has been hidden in plain sight since the very inception of the series. Any guess what might those be??

Well, it is just how some characters are named. YES, J.R.R Martin hasn’t whimsically named the characters, rather he has carefully chosen the name of each and every character which either complements the personality of the character or foretells the future of the character.

Let’s look at some of these.

1. Cersei

Cersei is a variation on “Circe”, the mythological Greek goddess who fed men wine and turned them into swine. She killed her husband and was forced to live in solitude, in the series, a pig impales King Robert after Cersei’s “agent” (Lancel) induces him to drink too much wine, Cersei’s name foreshadows her defining moment: murdering a king through wine and pig. The goddess derived pleasure when men suffered which fits the character perfectly.


2. Jaime

“James, derived from Jacob” – to supplant (Hebrew) In the biblical story, Jacob is born holding his twin brother Esau’s heel, just as Jaime was born after Cersei. Then Esau sells his birthright to Jacob, making him the firstborn in effect. There is more to this story, but I think there could be some connections to Jaime and Cersei.


3. Tywin

Tywin’s name foreshadows his destiny: Tie/Win. Tywin wins the war against the Starks, but ultimately it is a victory for the man who only cares about his legacy. At his death, he has no male heir, his grandchildren are the product of incest, and he is killed by his own son. (Who might not be his real son because he himself speaks so while dying)


4. Varys

“Varius” means versatile in Roman. Varys is certainly a versatile character, with the ability to disguise his appearance and voice and pretty much control anyone he wants.


5. Arya

In Sanskrit, Arya means “honourable” or “noble” — two terms that definitely describe the Stark family, especially the feisty youngest daughter. Arya is actually a boy’s name, which suits a young girl who aspires to play a male role.


6. Bran

Bran means “raven” in Gaelic which fits perfectly because of his relationship with the Three-Eyed Raven. Bran ultimately becomes the “three-eyed raven” in this season. On the other side, it can be speculated that “Bran” might have built the “WALL” 8,000 years ago and founded house stark as he can now influence the past with his powers.


7. Tyrion

This might be the biggest hint about the ending of the series; Tyrion’s Greek root word means “king.” But Tyrion has never ruled over anything till now. So does it mean he is destined to rule the seven kingdoms?? That would be a dream come true. Only time will tell…..


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