#SimplyWellMade: Here’s What A Fine Drink For A Rendezvous With Friends Should Be

We are mostly beer people. We believe in games, pizzas, and a frosty ale to spend our moments. But sometimes, we need to connect on an emotional level, it’s whisky who we resort to. That’s when the deepest fears and desires, coupled with some moments to remember, tumble out.

Whisky listens. Whisky heals. Whisky understands.


We are a bunch of friends who enjoy a quiet rendezvous over clinking glasses of drinks, having the above prophecy in mind.

As the whiskey swirls and twirls to make its way inside our beings, we friends go back in time to reminiscence the ups and downs we faced and celebrating the journey that is our life.


It was the time for a spiritual connection and our regular wine shop guy had a rather new brand advertised.

This time, we tried something different than our usual bae time drink, Blender’s Pride. It was a risk, but then we thought, why not – YOLO!

We opened the bottle and the first thing we all noticed was the smoky aroma the bottle emitted. It was a beautiful start already. Before we spill that fine whiskey’s name, let’s just mull over for you, as to what is our idea of a fine drink that mingles well with our set of friends. Here is what a premium whiskey should be like, here is what a fine drink to share with your friends should be.


As our meaningful talks enveloped the atmosphere, we were left stunned by this new found brand.

A really beautiful amalgamation of flavors existing in harmony and giving a neat drinking experience, our night was elevated in terms of elegance. Never ever was a whisky session so spellbinding.


Definitely #WorthAShot, we vouched that our mini bar needed a new permanent member. We extended our friend circle and welcomed a new friend tp be a part of the clique. Yes, we loved the whiskey and were surprised that we loved the transition from the usual brand.


Who’s this we are referring to, you ask? The new friend who joined our group that day, is Golfer’s Shot.

Indeed, we will still be revisiting our old brand pal, but this one, truly stumped us all. Expose yourself to your deepest fears, have a sip of this golden elixir, and you will soon be free from the clutches of intimidation.


Featured Image: Thynkfeed

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