These 6 Extraordinary People From History You Won’t Believe Existed

Life is not same for all human beings. Some are born normal and some people are born abnormal. Abnormal people are born with some disease or disability because of which their body functioning is also different. It may also result in unusual increase in size of body parts, or growing extra body parts and so on.

Have a look at these 6 extraordinary people from history.

1. Ella Harper (1870-1921)

She was born with rare orthopedic condition called congenital genu recurvatum. Her knees were bend backwards due top which she preferred to walk like an animal. She was nick named ‘Camel Girl’. She died of colon cancer in 1921.

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2. Misses Fannie Mills (1860-1892)

From an early age, she showed signs of Milroy’s disease. It’s symptoms include gross swelling, fluid building and discoloring of the soft tissue. Fannie’s feet expanded to require a size 30 shoe. This disease is more common in women. She was also known as ‘Ohio Bigfoot Lady’.

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3. Maurice Tillet (1903-1954)

He was a professional wrestler commonly known by his ring name ‘The French Angel’. At the age of 17, he was diagnosed acromegaly which results in bone overgrowth and thickening. He died of heart disease in 1954.

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4. Frank Lentini (1881-1966)

His deformity was due to partially absorbed conjoined twins. Most of the conjoined twins are stillborn. Lentini was born with a full-sized third leg and had 16 toes in total and two set of functioning male sex organs.

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5. Jean Libbera (1884-1936)

It was a case of parasitic twins. While Jacques Libbera (Jean’s parasitic twin) was born with two arms, two legs, as well as a head which was buried inside of his brother’s chest. He was also known as ‘The Double-Bodied Man’.

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6. Stephan Bibrowski (1890-1932)

Commonly known as ‘The Lion-faced Man’, Stephan was a great sideshow performer. He was diagnosed with a rare condition hypertrichosis which results in abnormal hair growth over the body.

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