Ever Imagined A Refrigerator That Runs Without Electricity !! Truly Inspiring Story

Now this is something which is really going to save your electricity costs. An amazing concept designed by this high school dropout named Mansukhbhai Prajapati. He is a craftsman based out of Gujarat.  Mansukhbhai had a traditional business of pottery-making, created an innovative solution to a problem millions of poor people face across the world.

A concept which is so powerful that our former President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam called him a ‘true scientist’. Mitticool, a clay refrigerator that works without electricity had turned the world’s attention to its creator. He was honored with the national award in 2009. On the award ceremony, President Pratibha Patil appreciated his work and asked him for a Mitticool.

That’s how Mansukhbhai created Mitticool, a company that specialises in creating earthenware products like refrigerators, cooker, filters amongst other products. A refrigerator made by his company costs Rs. 3,000/- and can be afforded by poor people. It is based on the simple scientific principle that evaporation results into cooling. His refrigerator has channels where water can be filled up and allowed to vaporise, leaving behind a cool space which keeps fruits and vegetables fresh.


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Mitticool has a turnover of Rs. 45 lakhs and employs 35 people. Mitti-Cool’s products have reached countries like Africa and Dubai apart from many cities in India. The manner in which Mansukhbhai has brought forward the traditional business of clay craftsmanship to newer heights with his entrepreneurial abilities, is truly commendable. Moreover, his innovation has resulted in a low cost technology that does not require electricity to run!


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