These Amazon Reviews On Captain America Shield Will Have You ROFLing In No Time!

If you scurry and scrounge through the vast web of internet, there are occasions when you come across certain laughter gems that will have you rolling on the floor for quite some time. The exact thing happened with our team at thynkfeed, when we, in our glorious hangover of Captain America, were looking for some merchandise on Amazon, and came across this.

captain america shield amazon reviews


We were mesmerised and watching it with our jaws hanging open, till we saw the price. Well, this was certainly not meant for us, so we let go with a heavy heart.

But, but, but, the fun began when we saw that there were ratings and reviews, so we scrolled down to read about those great fans who actually spent two lacs to own this shield replica, and guess what? We got some really cool peeps who had written some hilariously sarcastic stuff.

Check it out!

1. Well, he was writing the review from Intensive Care Unit. A true fan indeed!

captain america shield amazon reviews


2. The one who got sued by the Government! But hey, you do not worry about such petty stuff when you have Captain America’s Shield!

captain america shield amazon reviews


3. The millionaire from Switzerland!

captain america shield amazon reviews


4. Well, the one who used it on a friend!

captain america shield amazon reviews


5. Poor Guy. His shield got stolen by Spider-Man. :D

captain america shield amazon reviews

We hope that we managed to do away that mid-week crisis of yours with this one post. Let us now go and howl and bang our fists laughing, because tears are streaming down our face writing this one for you, and controlling our amusement.


h/t: Amazon

Images Source: Amazon

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