Boman Irani’s Life Is Nothing Less Than An Inspiration. Here Are Some Quick Facts About His Life.

Boman Irani’s life is often viewed as a contrast with the rest of popular actors in the Bollywood cinema. When most of them had become a veteran in the industry, Boman started his career in Bollywood. When most of the aspiring actors lose hope and leave the industry, the actor kicked off his journey.

In a span of 12 years into the Bollywood industry, he has established a huge following for himself and proved his mettle as an actor. A person who was destined to be an actor.

Let’s look at some facts from the life of this 55-year-old actor.

1. He was born 6 months after his father’s death. The responsibility of the entire family came on his mother’s shoulders who quite wonderfully handled it. He suffered from dyslexia at an early age.


2. He wanted to be an actor right from the time he was born. His mother also encouraged him to watch a lot of movies.

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