13 Peppy Bollywood Songs We Absolutely Fell In Love With

We, the Mango people of India, want nothing, other than lip smacking food, a big fat amount in our bank accounts, some good reads and Bollywood!!

Bollywood runs in our veins. It is one big business, here in India. So much that the 2017 and 2018 Eid releases have already been fixed! So, when the people in business are that sharp, then how can the viewers can be behind.

We are Bollywood freaks and we have no qualm in being accepted as one. We ape their style sense, mimic them, and of course, how can we forget the legendary dance steps that become the life and soul of every next party we attend. But there are certain signature moves, which are just legendary.

Here are a few epic dance steps which are popular even now, years after the release.

1. Ek Pal Ka Jeena

Confess it! You have copied (okay, tried to copy) Hrithik’s moves from this song. Tiding Ting Ting Ting. So, it was an unusual yet cool step, and effect is such that it still stays with us.


2. Jeene Ke Hain Chaar Din

Salman Khan is more famous for his shirtless dance performances, than his acting skills. And he took his dance moves a step further, when he did that towel dance sequence on the beach. And yes, we’ve copied it insanely.


3. Tattad Tattad

Ranveer Singh had already given us relationship goals, physique goals, but this wasn’t enough. He mesmerized everyone with his performance in Ram-Leela. And yes, the moment the DJ plays Tattad Tattad, we never forget to turn around and wave our hand into our hair.


4. Badtameez Dil

Just stand with your legs wide, and move both your hands from right to left and then, left to right. Crazy, funky and simple! That’s Battameez Dil for you.


5. Yaara O Yaara

Rarely can anyone forget Sunny Deol’s ‘Yaara O Yaara, Jeena Hamara’ dance move. We still ape it. Well, this is also the funniest ever.


6. Hudd Hudd Dabangg

Just hold on to your waist belt and move it, slight left and then, slight right. The uniqueness and the swag made this a popular gimmick.


7. Kajra Re

What a sensation this song was! So the step goes like, clap down left, then down right, and then point towards your eyes for ‘kaare kaare naina’.


8. My Name Is Lakhan

Anil Kapoor is more famous for this move, than he is for the hair on his chest. He even took this step to the Oscars, and yes, we have also copied it, madly!


9. Chhammak Chhallo

SRK. Everything he does is dipped in romance. So, we’ve all sinfully tried his signature move of stretching both the arms wide. (If you are a guy, and you still haven’t mastered it, then shame on you!) So, Chhammak Chhallo, was high on style, and the peppy number gave us a step to remember. Just act like you are fitting bulbs with both your hands. It’s that simple!


10. Disco Deewane

Yes, whenever you were on a dance floor, and you listened to ‘Disco Deewane’, you’ve aped the steps. Well, one would, for they are real easy, peppy and classy.


11. Naagin Dance (Sridevi)

Yes, it was Sridevi, who made Naagin Dance popular! So much that we (Okay, some) people madly (Okay, shamelessly) indulge into naagin dancing on the dance floor.


12. Madhuri Dixit

It is not difficult, but impossible to just give credit to just a single song of Madhuri Dixit. For we have copied her blindly, her movements, her expressions, everything. Be it Chan eke khet mein, ek do teen, bina payal ke hi baje ghunghroo, maar daala or aaja nachle, well the list is endless. We worship you, Goddess!


13. Govinda

For Govinda as well, choosing a single step would be extremely difficult, for he has given us many memorable numbers, that we still remember. Whether it’s chalo ishq ladayein, Soni de nakhre, or G-phaad ke.


Dance is in our blood. Be it baraat, or any function, we just need a reason to shake our booty, and of course, doing it the Bollywood way!


Think more of such songs and bring out the groovy you in the comments below.


Till then, dance like nobody’s watching!


Featured Image: Cloudfront

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