8 Bizarre Deaths From History That Will Spook You Out

Death. Quite depressing, yet the ultimate truth that one has to deal with. Whether you live life king size, or scurry through it like a pauper, in the end, everyone meets the same end. While some die natural deaths, others are ill-fated enough to meet tragic ends which might even be untimely. Yet, the category that we are talking about are those unfortunate souls, who died in a really strange way, which can either creep one out or spook you out, for good reason. Let us take a look at some of the weird deaths from the past.

1. King Adolf Frederik of Sweden

They say one can die for love. King Adolf certainly did. After treating himself to smoked herring, champagne, aviar, sauerkraut, and lobster, with approximately 14 servings of his favourite dessert, he suffered deadly consequences.


2. Philitas of Cos, Greek Intellectual

Reading and being knowledgeable is quite good, but this fellow actually got so involved in studying journals, that his obsession led to his sad and wasted death.

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