#ChangeTheConversation: Watch as Dowry Equations Change Over a Cup of Tea in The New BIBA Ad

For most of us, commercials are just annoying two minute breaks that disrupt the flow of our favourite shows. But there are times when the adverts are actually so good that they take your mind off the main plots, and either force you think, or leave you with a smile on your face. This woman’s day, BIBA came up with one such commercial that we loved.

Since ages, dowry has been a curse eating at the fabric of our society, and often leading to consequences that are too horrific and painful to even mention, forget discussing. BIBA had started a beautiful series of adverts with the hashtag “Change The Conversation”, and this Women’s Day, they came up with another version, this time using the taboo topic of Dowry. The difference? Instead of upsetting anyone and becoming the same old evil and drab, this one brought a smile to our lips.

Watch and smile.


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Featured Image: YouTube

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