This Unique Photo Project Show How Different Dogs Age And It’s Heartmelting

photos show how dogs age

Yes, sadly, even these furry little fleabags, our babies, do get old. But, they will always be tiny little pieces of our heart. Surprisingly, or not, different breeds exhibit different signs of aging. Photographer Amanda Jones has captured the lives of dogs through her lens for

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10 Pictures Which Prove That Dogs Can Get Away With Anything, Just By Being So Adorable

adorable dog pictures

Who doesn’t love a good dog picture story? Really, who? If you know someone, honestly., why do you even know them? Dogs are the best. Dogs rule. Period. Here are some pictures of dogs being dogs, that are downright adorable. 1. This cookie has been

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9 Super Romantic Movies That’ll Get Your Mushy Meter On A High

super romantic movies

No matter how hard you may deny it, or try to repress it. There comes a time when all you wish to do is pick up a sappy romantic movie and lose yourself in the dream life sequence of a magical world, distancing yourself from

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Did You Know Tom & Jerry Were Not The Original Names Of Your Favorite Cartoon Characters?

Original Names Of Tom & Jerry

Whoa, our childhood wouldn’t have been the same if such a thing would have happened? Can YOU imagine your favourite cartoon pair to be named anything other than Tom and Jerry? This particular cartoon series has been going strong sine the early and sees no

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8 Books That Every Book Lover Should Read At least Once In Their Lifetime

books for book lovers

For us readers, devouring a book comes as a second nature. We can sit for hours at a stretch, with our favourite book, and a cup of coffee, and not complain of the solace. Here’s for you, a list of the books that we have

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10 Illustrations That Show Us How Love Can Be Found In Smallest Of Things

Love in small thingstion.

Love is a powerful emotion, felt even with the smallest of gestures, and the same has been depicted by Phillipa Rice via these illustrations in her book, “Soppy”. The drawings and cartoons are inspired from her own love story. Indeed, love cannot just be seen

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8 Writers Whose Lives Ended In A Tragic Way

writers who committed suicide

It cannot seem surprising that writers can sometimes be terribly morbid in their works. Brazing the harsh reality for the world to read and realise. There are times, sad times, when they draw inspiration from their own life, their depression, and their shortcomings seep into

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13 Pictures That Show Adorably Cute Cat Expressions

cute cat expressions

So, cats are the creatures that God created when he wanted the world to realise that doing nothing at all, being lazy and being absolutely adorable can make you an instant celebrity on the internet. God already knew that. He’s God. And, so did the

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9 Times Harry Potter Proved That He Was The Sassiest Character In The Whole Series

harry potter sassy character

Why, my dear boy, it is 19 years later, yet your sass level from the first book to the last still cracks us up. Let us have a look at a favourite few now, shall we. 1. “Do you remember me telling you we are

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6 Places Where They Serve The Best Maggi In India

best maggi places

Since as long as we can remember, Maggi has been there. Be it the midnight hunger pangs or the early evening snack, Maggi was the go-to dish. Then, that dreaded day came when Maggi was called back from the shops and India reeled in shock.

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