If This Doesn’t Change Your Life, Nothing Will


This is perhaps the most motivating article you came across on the internet. I am not bragging about myself but by means of this article let us try to quantify our lives and how we can make the most out of it. Because at the

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51 Ways To Be The Best Version Of Yourself


How to be the best version of yourself is a difficult question to answer and the best way I know to improve life. So let’s try and delve deeper into what our best version shall do. In the following points, I have tried to cover everything possible

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I Went On A 10-Day Bike Trip To Spiti Valley And This Is What I Learnt!


The best part about being human is that you learn a thing or two virtually from every living and non-living thing on this planet. And it is often said that traveling gives you the best experiences and lessons of your life. It was perhaps true in

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This Beautiful Lady Is Touching Every Stranger On The Escalator. The Way They Reacted Is Adorable!

touch strangers escalator

Have you ever had a moment when you were asked out or even touched by a random smoking hot stranger? If your answer is no, you are going to get so jealous after you are done watching this video.   This girl is touching random guys in

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The Time On iPhone In All Apple Ads is 9:41AM. Did You Know The Reason For This?

iphone time 941am

You probably would have observed the time on iPhones and iPads in all Apple advertisements or all product launches is set at 9:41 AM. Ever thought what could be the reason behind it? No.   So here’s your chance to think about it again and

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Your Foot Has A Lot To Say About Your Personality. And You Don’t Even Know!

foot personality

Although you cannot judge someone’s personality by just talking to them for a few minutes. However, there a secret formula we’ve found out which will help you understand a person’s personality to a certain extent by just looking at their foot. Isn’t that the most awesome thing

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This Little Girl Saw This Homeless Man Outside A Restaurant. What She Did Next Will…..

girl feeding homeless

Little girl Ella was having her meal along with her father, Eddie, in a restaurant.   While dad was busy making video of her cute daughter having lunch, Ella saw this homeless man outside of the restaurant and decided to do something about it.   She asked her

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7 Sizzling Inmates That Appeared On Bigg Boss

For one, we all must appreciate the casting team of the most popular reality show in India, Bigg Boss, for getting the right people onboard for the show. It is indeed a tough task to find people who can add drama, humor, madness, fights and hotness

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