Ever Observed These Yellow & White Markings On Roads? This Is What It Means.

We are pretty sure you never gave a fuck about the safety rules in India. And you never even bothered to know about them. Since, you always had an easy way to get rid of your problems – A Currency note to settle all the balances.

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This White Part On Your Nail Tells A Lot About Your Health. Here’s What It Means

lunula health nails

This white half moon on your nails is actually an important indicator of your health. Carefully look at your nails and see if you have that white part. If no, you probably need to work a lot more on your health. We’ll come to that part

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This Sardaar Kid From ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ Looks Exactly Like A Man A Woman Sees In Her Dreams..

2003 it was! ‘Kaho Na Pyaar Hai’ and ‘Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham’ had already made Hrithik a household name. And then ‘Koi Mil Gaya’ released, not only the movie highlighted how disability of a person makes him specially abled, but also had a desi sci-fi

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This Dad Lies To Her Daughter Every Single Day. The Reason Will Leave You In Tears…

dad lies to her daughter

It’s every parent wish that they give a great life to their kids. But life is not the same for everyone. While some get to experience the best of amenities such as swimming pools, cars, expensive clothes and gadgets other get to see the harsh realities of

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This Short Film Will Make You Realize The Importance Of Our National Flag

importance of national flag

15th august. The day we got our independence. The day we got free from years of shackles. The day India waved its flag. 70 years from then, do we still respect our National flag? Or is it just limited to a day? This Independence Day,

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The Trailer of Akshay Kumar Starrer Rustom Is Out, and It Is Amazing AF!

rustom trailer

Akshay Kumar is back with yet another movie Rustom, and by the looks of the trailer, this one looks pretty hard-hitting and compelling. Based on the famous Nanavati vs State of Maharashtra case of 1959 which hogged limelight, this one comes from the makers who

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This Video Shows What If Actors Get To Face Questions Actresses Face During Interviews

actor actress role reversed

Time & again, we’ve witnessed countless cases where women have been objectified in Bollywood. I better not give examples because if I do, one article won’t be enough for this. Whether it’s playing strong characters or demanding higher paychecks, they never seem to have gotten their due.

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A Kid Asked Muhammad Ali, “What You Gonna Do When U Retire From Boxing?” His Answer Is Why We Call Him “The Legend”

muhammad ali response to kid

“Your real self is inside you. Your body gets old, your bodies get tired but your soul and your spirit never die. Your body is just housing your soul and your spirit.” – Muhammad Ali Muhammad Ali was an epitome of indomitable spirit, will power,

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These Satirical Videos By TVF Give You An Insight Into How The News Is Created

behind the news tvf

Ever thought how the brilliantly executed piece of news that you see from the comfort of you air conditioned homes is created? The satirical videos by TheViralFeverVideos give you an insight into what goes behind the scenes before the news is aired. The first video comes right out of the

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10 Times Business Names Were Ruined By Sliding Doors

business names ruined sliding doors

However big or small, every business needs vans & other vehicles to carry out logistics effectively. And quite likely, each of these vans has the brand name or the company name printed on it. Companies that operate with the highest level of precision sometimes make blunders

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