#SimplyWellMade: Here’s What A Fine Drink For A Rendezvous With Friends Should Be


We are mostly beer people. We believe in games, pizzas, and a frosty ale to spend our moments. But sometimes, we need to connect on an emotional level, it’s whisky who we resort to. That’s when the deepest fears and desires, coupled with some moments

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The Latest Poster for ‘Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them’ Is Out And We Just Can’t Wait For November!

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them poster

It was the time when sun was setting on the nineties, to give way to the onset of the millennia. A time when desktops and social media had just entered our lives, and chat windows were the latest exhilarating discovery that we as school going

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9 Bollywood Directors Who Are Keeping The Art Of Storytelling Alive

bollywood storytellers

Not everyone is blessed with art of telling a story, that will shake you up, and remain in your hearts, for a long time. The characters are intertwined into a plot that will open your eyes to a side of the world you never know

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Get Your Treacly Game on, With These 10 Delectable Sweets

india sweets you must try

We are Indians, and we blow-horn the fact that we are addicted to sweets. Be it a post-meal sugary shot, or something regal and syrupy for the festivals, sweets are an essential part of our lives. Unfortunately, though the whole world is going digital, there

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6 Times We Played and Loved Rummy

perfect rummy occasions

For us, who were brought up in the 90s, games were what we thrived on. The most digital that we got, was to the extent of those video games that had the deceptive tagline of “999 in 1” while it was just a collection of

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7 Times We Fell In Love With Sonakshi Sinha

awesome sonakshi sinha

Sonakshi Sinha is one sass queen, and one can judge that just by looking at her Instagram handle, which proudly states, aslisona. Yes, indeed, her moments are pure gold, reel or real, though her movie choices might not be so.So today, as the lass turns

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#Banned – Here Are 13 Other Films Like Udta Punjab That Suffered The Wrath of Censor Board

banned movies india censor

And lo and behold! The Udta Punjab’s feathers were cut short even before it could take its maiden flight. Yes, lads and lasses, the much anticipated and dark humoured movie, based on Punjab’s drug abuse issue, has been banned in India, and even Anurag Kashyap’s

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12 Bollywood Celebrities Who Wouldn’t Even Sell On Discounts

bollywood celebs wouldn't sell

Bollywood is ripe with the hum-drums of talent waves that keep hitting the surface every now and then. Every few years or so, we have the likes of Amitabh Bachchan, Shah Rukh Khan, Irrfan Khan, Nawazzuddin Siddiqui washing up ashore to drench us with their

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7 Reasons Why Indians Simply Love Deals And Discounts

why indians love discounts

We Indians are always looking for deals and discounts that we can squeeze in our shopping rituals, so we can get the best of something for the least bucks shed. The same old yet cent percent true story of every middle-class household. Phew! Aamdani atthani

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Ever Wondered What Do Cricketer’s Do When They Want A ‘Loo’ Break On Field? Here’s The Answer!

cricketers on loo break

We are a nation that eats, lives, sleeps, and breathes cricket. In our fervent fever to cheer Team India, we never quite give a thought to the fact that our players, who are spending hours to play an innings on ground, or even field, for

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