Remember ‘Angel’ From Heyy Babyy? This Is How She Looks Now!

Al, Tanmay, Aarush, Eddy-Teddy, Isha! If you can decode this puzzle, then you must be knowing what a delight this Sajid Khan directorial was. ‘Heyy Babyy’ was the Indian remake of American film ‘Three Men and a Baby’.

It’s been 9 years now that the film was released, and everything from the movie still remains with us.


But something that we particularly remember is the cute babyy ‘ANGEL’.

Undoubtedly, the baby’s cuteness and expressions and then when she utters ‘Dadda’ simply left us mesmerized.


Now, the baby is a grown up child, her real name is Juanna Sanghvi and she stays in Malaysia with her family.


Sajid Khan searched extensively for the perfect child as ‘Babyy’ was the central character in the movie. And then, all that we saw, as they say is history.


This is how she looks now-

Isn’t she still the cutest kid ever?


Enjoy this lovely scene once again where angel says ‘Dadda’.


h/t: Quora

Featured Image: Imgur

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