6 Times Deepak Dobriyal Proved His Finesse As An Actor

7 years of theater in Delhi and 5 years of struggle in Mumbai is what it took him to appeal to the eyes of Filmfare award committee which then honored him with Filmfare special award for his groundbreaking performance in the movie Omkara. An award which is given to people for their unique and special performance in the field of drama, direction, music and acting.

Besides Omkara, there were other movies released later which only reinforced his skills as a great actor. Read on as we bring some of Deepak Dobriyal’s finest performances.

1. As Captain Javed Khan – Shaurya (2008)

Though the movie was filled with power packed performances, but one man who by being silent connected with the audience, it was him.


2. As Mamdu – Delhi-6 (2009)

His innocence as a sweet shop owner in the bylanes of Delhi 6 was unwavering and his acting was again to look up to.


3. As Rajendar Bhati – Gulaal (2009)

His role as Duki Bana’s henchman was well appreciated and critically acclaimed. By now, he was able to experiment with a variety of roles which also earned him a lot of respect as a character actor.

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