6 Life Lessons We All Learnt From Imtiaz Ali’s Movies

Imtiaz Ali’s name immediately produces in our mind images of some heartwarming movies and beautiful relationships we discovered through them. He is one of the finest young artists in the industry, who understands our generation better on so many levels. You can never leave the

11 Life Lessons To Learn From Chanakya, The Most Badass Politician Of All Time

So, who is Chanakya? According to me, and according to everything I’ve read about him, he was one man who made some sense, a sense that is relevant even in today’s world. He can generally said to be a philosopher, who was blessed with this

8 Life Lessons To Learn From The Epic Mahabharata

The greatest epic that has ever been written, Mahabharata sure is practical, and offers many lessons as the story progresses. In fact, it can very well be called our own mythological Game of Thrones, sans the goriness and explicit content of the latter. With rich

11 Life Lessons We Can Learn From Dil Dhadakne Do

Trust Zoya Akhtar to bring us stories that can stay long with us, even if the characters are freaking rich, and the plot twists can be too preposterous to be digested. A family on the cruise, almost on the verge of falling apart, comes together

6 Life Lessons That You Can Learn From ‘The Pursuit Of Happyness’

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow, Learn as if you were to live forever” – Mahatma Gandhi Learning is a never ending process. It is often said that if you stop learning, you stop living. Learning is the only thing in life that will

12 Important Life Lessons From “The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari”

I read this book two years ago referred to me by a friend and I feel really fortunate to have read this book. From health and well-being to destiny and enlightenment, this book has it all. It’s the story of a successful and an affluent

11 Quotes By Chanakya That Will Teach You Important Lessons About How To Conduct Your Office Life

Chanakya was a learned professor of economics and played a major role in setting up of Maura Empire. He was a shrewd leader known for his wisdom, rational approach and knowledge. His learning makes so much sense even today. In one of the incident, Chandragupta Maura

After Learning These 11 Brutal Truths About Life, Your Life Will Never Be The Same Again

Your time on this planet is limited, so it is in your best interest to understand these brutal truths about life right now so that you put things in perspective and live your life with a higher purpose in mind. So please be real and

16 Psychological Hacks That Will Help You Decode Daily Life

There are certain things that are beyond our control, no matter how hard we try. Dig in slightly deeper, and you’ll find that every “unique” brain, functions more or less the same way. So here we are, making your life a tad bit easier, with

6 People Who Prove It’s Never Too Late To Succeed In Life

“Bachcha kabil bano, kabil … kamyabi toh saali jhak maarke peeche bhagegi.” – Ranchoddas Chanchad, 3 Idiots If you want lessons on achieving success in life, this certainly is one movie that can lead your way, and Rancho’s character will inspire you forever. Laurels and