12 Things You Only Do With Your BFF

Your Facebook friend list may be never ending, your social circle of friends may be countless, but all of us have that one and only one silly friend we love the most – your BFF! You both have been together forever and are almost like siblings or even closer. You discuss, act or do something totally weirdo to something very serious.

Here’s a list of a few things that you would do only with your BFF!

1. House swap

You spend more time at each other’s house than your own house.  And it’s never planned. You just go to their house without informing. And usually, this turns into a stay over for don’t know how long.


2. Borrow random thing

You can borrow any and everything or just take it. You don’t ask before taking and once you have taken its yours.


3. Never judge you

You may be a big, not so hot mess, but you know your BFF will never judge you. You can do the strangest thing or the not so appropriate things, and will still love you!

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